5 Healthy Ideas as You ‘Fall Back’ This Year – 2015 Fall Time Change


It is time to “fall back” and rewind our clocks one hour this Sunday, November 1st at 2 a.m. That is unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii, in which case you carry on as usual since your states do not participate in Daylight Saving Time.

For those of you who view the day through a personal perspective of your sleep cycles, you might consider this time change to be occurring while you are sleeping Saturday night. Either way, remember to adjust your clocks accordingly. Here are five tips to help you take full advantage of this occasion and use it to get ahead on your health & fitness.

  1. Cook up fresh and nutritious new recipes for breakfast!

Use that extra energy in the morning to begin cooking breakfast with fresh and healthy ingredients! Starting your day with a breakfast that is nutritionally enriching is an excellent way to support a healthy and fit lifestyle.

  1. Get to bed on time!

Since your body is going to feel like it’s an hour later than it actually is, you’re going to feel sleepy earlier than usual in the evening. Use this as an opportunity to relax a little earlier in the evening and get to bed at a reasonable hour.

  1. Start a habit of working out in the A.M.

“Fall back” is an excellent opportunity to begin exercising in the morning! Thanks to the time-shift, you are going to have more energy in the morning because your body is going to feel like it’s an hour later in the day. Also, with the clocks winding back, the sun will be out earlier in the morning, making it easier to rise and shine!

  1. For those of you with children, gradually adjust them!

If you have kids, incrementally adjusting their wake-up time over the weekend is in both of your best interests. Otherwise, you might miss an hour of sleep come Monday when your child’s internal clock tells them to wake up at an hour earlier than their usual wake-up time. For instance, if they normally wake up at 6:30 a.m., don’t be surprised if your child is walking in your room asking for breakfast at 5:30 a.m. This may happen, so plan ahead by adjusting their wake-up time on Saturday as well as Sunday.

  1. Move your evening workouts inside to LA Fitness!

As we get closer to winter time, you are gradually going to be seeing less and less light. That’s why it’s a perfect time to use your LA Fitness gym membership to take your workouts indoors and out of the dark!

Find an LA Fitness club that’s convenient for your schedule and commute HERE!

 Also, remember to change the time on all of your clocks! Here is a checklist of most of the clocks you need to update come Sunday:

  • Car
  • Bedroom alarm clock
  • Stove
  • Refrigerator
  • DVD and or VCR
  • Wrist watches
  • Wall clocks
  • Phone (if it doesn’t automatically update)
  • Computer or laptop (again, if it doesn’t automatically update)
  • Voicemail time stamps and answering machines
  • Guest bedrooms
  • Kids’ rooms and alarm clocks
  • Hotel alarm clock – if you’re traveling this weekend

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