6 Weeks to Summer Swimsuit Season Diet and Nutrition Tips

 6 weeks to summer nutrition guide to spice up your health

Bikini and board shorts season is coming…SOON! It’s time to spice up your diet, without all the sodium, and get serious about getting in shape.

A Continuation of 2 Months to Summer Swimsuit Season Diet and Nutrition Tips – Weeks 1 and 2.

Weeks 3 & 4…

Your self-evaluation, and the next steps…

NO ALCOHOL – How did you do? Did you cut-it down: at least in half? Well, it’s time to drop the non-alcoholic versions and mixers that just add calories, and cut out alcohol completely.

NO Added Sugar – This might have been harder than you thought, right? Just keep it up, and keep the sugar at bay.

TOP TIP – Drop the added sugar from your dairy products.

– Cow’s milk has natural lactose, about 13 grams per cup.

-Almond, rice, and soy milk alternatives usually have comparable sugar levels for flavor, though unsweetened versions are available.

– Choose plain – yep, plain! – yogurt and top with fresh fruit. Remember, the sugar that exists naturally in fruit is okay!

DECREASE sodium intake to under 2300 mg per day – Holy moly! Sodium adds up quickly, doesn’t it? If you struggled with this, don’t stress, just keep adjusting your diet. Here are some more suggestions:

-Avoid restaurant dining when possible or read the nutrition values for each menu item and order to keep sodium around 600-800 mg total per meal. This range applies to frozen entrees if you can’t give those up, either.

– When cooking, beware of seasonings that are laden with salt—garlic salt, salad seasonings, steak and chicken seasonings, etc. Opt for fresh herbs to create reduced sodium meals that enhance and compliment the natural flavors of your dish.

INCREASE water intake – Have you gotten your water intake up to 90-120 fluid ounces each day? Here is another tip you help you hydrate:

-Drink a full glass of water before going to bed at night – just be sure to empty your bladder first! Then refill and leave at your bedside to drink upon waking.

INCREASE vegetable consumption – Still not eating enough vegetables? This is nothing new; you have been hearing it your entire life, and now it’s time to eat your veggies. Well, if you want to get in shape for the summer and live a healthy lifestyle that is.

– Work vegetables into breakfast. These can be in a blended juice drink, mixed with potatoes or eggs, or on their own. Try zucchini or spinach ‘pancakes’ from health food stores or the natural foods section of a supermarket. Don’t forget salsa for omelets!

TRACK your calories – This is another tough habit for many to start. How have you been doing with this? After all, it is a proven way to help people lose weight and keep it off.

– Be sure you’re counting calories appropriately. Keep in mind the actual amount you eat considering the method of preparation and all toppings and condiments used.

-Don’t forget anything consumed between meals, especially those unplanned nibbles from candy dishes and tastes of other’s food.

Weigh or measure food for ultimate accuracyGet the most out of your tracking efforts by measuring your food. With such a short amount of time before summer, accuracy is key.

– Use a small liquid measure with 1 through 4 ounce markings for any fluids less than half a cup. Salad dressings, sauces, dips, gravy, nut butters and oils are easy to over serve if you don’t pre-portion.


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