‘Ace’ This Exercise Routine – A Gym Workout for Volleyball Players

Complement your Lifestyle…

Volleyball is a sport that requires a series of quick explosive movements and excellent overall body control; all while smacking a ball with a great degree of finesse. Being able to accurately spike the ball with extreme velocity and also set that very same ball with ease and touch means you have to be quick and ready. It’s a stop-and-go mix of aggressive and graceful movements that commands a physical skill set from athletes.

As much as on-the-court drills will hone your skills, a top-notch program in the gym can have you spiking, setting, jumping and ‘acing’ your game!

Below is a workout program to complement your volleyball lifestyle. It can be done as a circuit, or as a traditional straight set strength training work out  by doing 3 sets of each exercise with a 90 second rest between each set before moving on to the next exercise. Try mixing it up every couple of weeks for the best results:


3-step stagger stance jumps with medicine ball – 30-60 seconds.

Wall sits –30-60 seconds.

Shoulder Rainbows –15 reps.

Box jumps – 15 reps.

High to low cable wood chop –15 reps on each side.

Single legged lateral jumps over bosu balls – 30-60 seconds.

Straight arm planks – 60 seconds.

Ready stance alternating foot raise with medicine ball – 30-60 seconds.

Explosive pikes – 30-60 seconds.


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