Train for Your Next Adventure – A Workout for Hiking


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Hiking is a great way to stay active and keep your body in shape while also enjoying the great outdoors. However, traveling long distances up and down different terrains can be physically taxing. That’s why combining your love for the trails with a gym routine that is customized to develop your hiking skills is the perfect way to put your body in prime shape for hiking.

By improving certain aspects of your fitness by training specific muscle groups you will be able to hike further, longer and faster than ever before.

Legs – Strong legs are a staple of hiking. These exercises will help develop your hamstrings and quadriceps so that you can hike with more stability and force.

Core, Hip Flexor and Lower Back – The amount of walking and climbing you do when you hike can put a lot of strain on your abs, lower back and your hip flexor. That’s why strengthening them so they don’t fatigue as easily while you are hiking is important.

Back – Backpacks tend to feel heavier and heavier as hikes progress and, thus, why you want to keep your back strong. Also, if you are planning on doing any bouldering or climbing of any sort, your back is going to be essential for pulling yourself up and over obstacles.

Cardio – Using either a StairMaster or a treadmill with a moderate-to-steep incline will help increase the power in your steps as well as your cardiovascular endurance. This will be extremely helpful for climbing up and over obstacles when you’re on the trails


Do the following training circuit to develop your strength and endurance as a hiker.


StairMaster – 3 Minutes

Hiking workout with James-16

Front squats – 8 repetitions

Inverted row – 15 repetitions

Hanging leg raise – 20 repetitions

Incline treadmill – 3 minutes

Hiking workout with James-15

Dumbbell step-ups – 16 repetitions


Chin-ups – 12 repetitions

Kneeling cable crunches – 25 repetitions

StairMaster – 3 Minutes

Hiking workout with James-16

Front squats – 8 repetitions

Cable pull-down – 15 repetitions

Hyperextensions – 20 repetitions

Incline Treadmill – 3 Minutes

Hiking workout with James-15


Repeat the entire circuit 1 to 2 more times, depending on your fitness level.


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