Challenge Your Core and Build a Six-Pack with These Medicine Ball Exercises

med ball core and ab COVER-cropped

Medicine Ball Exercises 101 – Core Exercises

Developing a strong core is an essential part of your fitness routine. Not only does your “core” include a group of muscles that you probably focus on for aesthetic reasons (your abs), your core plays a very important role from a functional standpoint, too.

In fact, not only do you need a strong core for playing sports and working out, without your core muscles you wouldn’t even be able to sit upright or stand. Your core is comprised of a group of muscles that you use consistently throughout your day to help stabilize your body.

If that’s not enough to get you psyched on the idea of working out your core, then remember this: core training = nicer abs and oblique muscles!

Try out this set of core exercises using the medicine ball to help build your core muscles:

Straight Legged Medicine Ball Crunch

TOP TIP: Keep your legs flat on the ground throughout this movement.

Single Legged Alternating V-Ups

TOP TIP: Reach the ball up towards one leg you while you keep the other leg completely flat on the ground. Alternate legs each time.

Sit-Ups with Legs Straight in the Air

TOP TIP: Try to keep your legs pointed directly up without wavering throughout this entire exercise.

Kneeling Reverse Sit-Up

TOP TIP: Slowly lean forward with the ball, controlling the weight and momentum. Pause at 90 degrees for a split second and then come back up.

Med Ball Lying Hip Rotation

TOP TIP: Keep your shoulders planted firmly on the ground throughout the entire exercise.

Forward Reach with Single Leg Kick Back

TOP TIP: Attempt to form a straight line with your extended leg and arms.


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  1. How many sets are recommended?

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