The Next Step in Creating Lean and Sculpted Arms

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Barbells and Free Weights 101 – Biceps

You want bigger, stronger, more defined arms, right? Okay, some of you may not want bigger arms, but you certainly want to gain strength and definition, right?

Chances are you’re probably doing the same exercises over and over again because, let’s face it, there just aren’t a ton of options for BICEPS EXERCISES due to the simplicity of the movement. So if you started out with machines—which is a good idea—and maybe you have even dabbled with some dumbbells, then you’re ready for the next step…BARBELLS and FREE WEIGHTS.

Side note: If you’re just beginning after a long break, or you’re new to working out, then make sure you begin by checking out the article below, and begin with machines.

Weight Machines 101 – Arm Machines – Biceps

To simplify things for you, we are separating DUMBBELLS from this group, and defining FREE WEIGHTS as any bar that requires PLATES to be added in order to increase the weight. BARBELLS are any long bar with a fixed amount of weight on either side, and that typically requires the use of both hands to perform the exercise. In addition, there are some instances when you can use the PLATES to perform an exercise as well.

Are you ready? Okay, let’s get started by showing you some BICEPS EXERCISE variations using BARBELLS and FREE WEIGHTS.

Tips for performing Biceps exercises:

  1. All Biceps exercises are performed by moving your hands and forearms toward your body.
  2. Do NOT sway, swing or use your back.
  3. Do NOT move your upper arms at your shoulder joint. Your shoulders and upper arms should remain locked in the same position during the entire exercise.
  4. Keep your wrist straight as you perform a biceps curl. There can be a tendency to let your wrist bend back, due to the resistance, while performing the exercise.
  5. ALWAYS choose a weight that you can safely control. If you are unsure about the appropriate weight for your fitness level, ALWAYS start light, learn the exercise and increase the weight as needed.
  6. Control the weight as you let it down away from your body in order to safely work the muscle group through the complete range of the exercise. This motion is called the negative, or eccentric, motion and it is NOT a time for you to relax. It should be considered half of the exercise and equally important.
  7. Flex and tighten your core and ab muscles during this exercise while maintaining proper posture.

Curl Bar Bicep Curl

Straight Bar Curl

Reverse Grip Curl

Plate Curl Hammer Grip

Preacher Curl

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  1. I’ve been working out at LA FItness for years in South Florida. I have never seen the straight bar barbells down here. I have only seen the EZ bars.

    Does it matter if you use an EZ bar rather than the straight bar?

  2. what’s the difference between using a curl bar or a straight bar? the hands look to be in the same position?

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