The More You Row…Guess What Happens?


Row machine at LA Fitness at LA Fitness COVER

The Better You Look.

Overlooked often, and underused as a result, the ROW MACHINE is a stellar piece of equipment that provides a total body workout. Not only does this machine provide an incredible cardiovascular workout, but it incorporates a style of high rep resistance training for your upper body as well.

So why do so many people seem to overlook using this piece of equipment?

  1. It’s hard.

It’s true, this machine is very challenging. Since the action of rowing utilizes both upper and lower body more than almost any other cardio machine, it can be difficult to sustain the duration that you might be able to do on the treadmill or elliptical machines. Like any exercise, your body will adapt, and after a week or two you will gain the confidence and comfort you have with any other machine. Just start slow, ease the resistance and get used to it like you would any new exercise or piece of equipment.

  1. You never noticed it.

There are typically fewer ROW MACHINES than treadmills, bikes and elliptical machines. Combine this with its low profile and lack of bulkiness, it can be easy to look right past it.

  1. You’re not sure how to use it correctly.

Fear of the unknown is a common theme, as is sticking with what you know or that which is easy, in the world of exercises and equipment; one of the reasons that the word “routine” is often synonymous with “workout program.”  Unfortunately, it is necessary to change up your “routine or workout program” every couple of weeks in order to maximize your progress and avoid plateaus.

That being said, below is your guide to using the ROW MACHINE and a few TOP TIPS for keeping form and getting the most out your workouts!


Select your desired program, duration and level. Since you are learning, start easy with your level and gradually increase the setting until you feel challenged.

The movement…

  1. Push with your feet.
  2. Next, pull with your upper body.
  3. Use your arms to bring the row bar towards your body, just below chest level.
  4. Don’t relax, but control the bar back out in front of you, extending your arms.
  5. Lean slightly forward.
  6. Bend your knees to 90 degrees.
  7. Go back to Step 1 and do it all again!

TOP TIPS for Rowing:

  • Keep good posture the entire time!
  • DO NOT lean too far forward, or back.
  • DO NOT let your shoulders scrunch up to your ears, EVER.
  • DO NOT let your back relax, round out or let your shoulders fall forward. This is VERY COMMON so be aware.
  • Tightening your core muscles will help you stay in proper form and spinal alignment.

For more great TOP TIPS be sure to come back every week and follow LIVING HEALTHY. To learn how, CLICK HERE.

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  1. I think rowing is challenging in initial stage and once you start doing it, nothing can be more fun than this 🙂 Perfect for cardio, upper and lower body, it works as an overall fitness delight. Thanks for the insightful article. For how long do you suggest this practice? I remain confused about the duration, rest everything is fine with the practice!

  2. I would love to use a rowing machine, but my LA Fitness does not have one.
    How do I find out which gyms near me have one?

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