Traveling this Summer? Stay in Shape with this 20 Minute Workout

keep in shape while you travel this summer. 2

Just because you’re vacationing, doesn’t mean that your workout routine has to take a holiday, too. For those of you who spend countless hours in the gym, working hard to look your best every day, you probably want to at least maintain your efforts when you go on vacation.

And though you can find an LA Fitness club in many cities and towns across the United States and Canada, you may need to rely on a bit of creativity and free body exercises to maintain your fitness and physique while you are away; particularly, if you find yourself in a remote location.

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The good news is that you only need to do this routine once or twice, during each week that you are away from your home club, in order to maintain your strength and cardio levels.

If your vacation is more than a month in duration, then congratulations because your life rocks! That being said, you may want to consider adding additional strength and cardio exercises to you program while you are away.

Below is a full-body, minimal equipment workout that will help keep you feeling fit and firm when you are on your next vacation.

The 20 Minute Traveler’s Workout:

—Push-Ups – 1 minute

Muscle groups worked – chest, triceps, shoulders and core.        

Push-up Variation – Closer/Narrow hand positioning = Added focus on triceps 

TOP TIP – Try going slow for more development, faster controlled reps for calorie burning.

—“Anything” In-Hand Multi-Plane Raises – 1 minute

Muscle groups worked – shoulders

Variations – “Multi-Plane” means that you can, and should, interchange between front, side and 45 degree raises.

TOP TIP – Use items like water bottles, rocks, books, etc. to create resistance/weight.

—V-ups – 1 minute

Muscle groups worked – abs

TOP TIP – Do longer holds in the “V” or up position do make this exercise even more effective.

—Lunge Switch, Squat Touch – 1 minute

Muscle groups worked – Legs and Cardio

Sequence is as follows: lunge, lunge, hop out of lunge to squat ready position, squat to touch ground right, squat to touch ground left, jump back to first lunge and repeat the sequence.

TOP TIP – Do each movement quickly, but controlled to maximize the cardio benefits.

REST – 2 minutes

—Bench / Chair Dips – 1 minute

 Muscle groups worked – Triceps

TOP TIP – Don’t let your shoulders scrunch up toward your ears, this is a common mistake during this exercise. Keep them down and maintain good posture.

—Planks – 1 minute

Muscle groups worked – abs, core, shoulders

TOP TIP – Check out this article for 7 variations of planks to tighten your core:

7 Plank Exercises for a Tighter and Toned Stomach

—Pull-Ups / Chin-Ups – 1 minute

Muscle groups worked – Back and Biceps.

TOP TIP – This one might be a bit tricky when trying to find a bar that supports your weight for Chin-Ups / Pull-Ups. That being said, your best bet is to locate the nearest park or playground. Then, do “Pull-ups” with a wide grip for more focus on your back muscles, and do “Chin-Ups” with a closer, and reversed (from that of a chin-up), grip to focus more on your biceps.

—Bear Crawl / Side Shuffle – 1 minute

Muscle groups worked – Shoulders, Core and Cardio.

TOP TIP – Don’t let your lower back drop and arch; keep your bottom high and tighten your abs to support you upper body.

Have fun, be safe and keep Living Healthy this summer!

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