How to Burn 1000 Calories Sunbathing and Having Fun at the Beach!

burn 1000 calories at the beach cover

You’re thinking this can’t be true, I know, and you are probably waiting for this to include some crazy beach workout, but that isn’t the case either. It is completely possible, probable even, to burn a 1000 calories during your next trip to the beach, if you just mix in a couple of fun activities.

This is because being active, even when just doing fun things like tossing a Frisbee or playing paddle ball, burn surprisingly more calories than many people realize.[i]

For instance, if you spend four hours at the beach, and break your beach trip up into two hours of sunbathing, one hour of bocce ball and one hour of paddle ball, you could burn almost 900 Calories. Swap the bocce ball for a more rigorous activity, like beach volleyball, and you could burn over 1000 Calories!

Below is a list of the activities mentioned and the corresponding estimate of calories burned per hour:*

Sunbathing – 80 calories/hour

Bocce Ball – 239 calories/hour

Frisbee – 239 calories/hour

Paddle ball – 477 calories/hour

Beach Volleyball – 636 calories/hour

Of course there a ton of other activities that you can do, not just at the beach, but at home, work, the park, school or just about anywhere, really. The whole point is to think about places and activities in whole new way, and that even things that we consider FUN can also contribute to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Simply put, “a day at the beach” can also be a great opportunity to compliment the hard work you put in at LA Fitness, and another creative approach to living healthy. Who would’ve thought?

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[i] *All totals for the listed activities are based on a 175 pound person doing the specified activity for 1 hour. They are only estimates and provided to give you a general idea of how activities relate to calories burned over time. You may burn more or less calories than the totals listed depending on variables such as, but not limited to gender, weight, age and personal fitness level.

Information was obtained from

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