30 Minute Workout and 3 Weeks to Define Your Body for Summer Swimwear (Part 3)

3 Weeks to summer LA Fitness workout COVER photoIt’s time to work harder than ever to get ready for summer!

With summer only 3 weeks away your workouts have to be explosive, nonstop, calorie burning, muscle shredding routines.

If you haven’t yet started, well get to it! You are only a few weeks behind, but be sure you start with “Part 1” of this series. So follow the title link below:

30 Minute Workout and 9 Week Program to Get Lean for Summer! (Part 1) CLICK HERE.

For those of you have completed parts 1 and 2 of this series, your third and final segment is here to take you straight out of springtime and into the swimsuit filled season of summertime!

Remember, you need to set aside 30 minutes, at least 3 days each week, to get results.

At this point, it goes without saying that you can always add more days and add more results! #MoveMoreBurnMore

30 Minute Workout Part 3 (Weeks 7-9)

Alternate between the following two routines. Each routine is a complete 30 minute workout that combines resistance training with cardio intervals.

*For your isolated muscle group “DROP-SETS,” within each of the following routines, you can do any of the exercises that you did in the previous workouts of part 1 and 2. They can be either DOUBLE or TRIPLE drop-sets, since your focus is time (a total of one minute for each DROP-SET, rather than repetitions.

Workout 1

1 minute Jog on treadmill.

1 minute Plyo Side Jump.

1 minute Biceps Double drop set.

1 minute Sprint on Treadmill.

1 minute Plank.

1 minute Chest Double Drop Set.

1 minute Sprint on Treadmill.

1 minute Crunches.

1 minute Shoulder Double Drop Set.

Rest 1 minute.

Do this entire routine 2 more times. (Total of 3 times)



Workout 2

1 minute Jog on treadmill.

1 minute Plyo Scissor Jump.

1 minute Back Double Drop Set.

1 minute Sprint on Treadmill.

1 minute Wall Sit.

1 minute Triceps Double Drop Set.

1 minute Sprint on Treadmill.

1 minute Single Foot Hops.

1 minute Jog.

Rest 1 minute.

Do this entire routine 2 more times. (Total of 3 times)


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  1. Your exercises are amazing and these really works like a charm if done correctly. 🙂

    But, One can not burn fat without a particular diet. No matter how hard you’re training.. If your diet is poor, you will not be able to get shredded body 😉

  2. I agree completely with ‘dhruvbhagat’,
    For years, I would swim laps after work, more than 1 mile of swimming each time.
    AND I would eat whatever I wanted, mostly a decent diet of proteins, vegetables, milk, but also donuts, fried chicken, biscuits, ice cream, etc.
    My body on the OUTSIDE never really changed. I looked big, but not defined. And my weight remained the same. I was plenty healthy on the INSIDE, with a good blood pressure, good cholesterol of about 160, and pulse under 50, but the OUTSIDE didn’t look like it.
    It was not until I restricted my diet to be much healthier and fewer calories, that I dropped 20 pounds and got noticeable definition.
    I would need some ‘help’ to get sharply defined, but I do feel better at the lower weight anyway.

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