Sculpting and Defining your Legs and Butt – Advanced Progression Exercises Series

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Advanced Dumbbell Leg Exercises

Progression and variety, the concept of constantly changing your workouts, are the keys to getting to your goal and avoiding the dreaded “plateau.”

People often see amazing and creative new workouts, and even if they are new to working out, or haven’t worked out in months or years, they immediately want to jump right into doing them. But this can lead to injury.

The idea of “workout progression” also allows your body to learn the movements and motions of simpler exercises, while you also build a foundation of strength and stability. Thus, progressive exercises are not only an effective way for you to workout out, but they are safer, too.

A great example of this can be seen with the progression of exercises we have given you with our Machines 101 series, to our Dumbbells 101 series and now our Advanced Progression Exercise Series.

In this case, leg workouts, it is recommended that you progress through the following:

  1. Weight Machines 101 – Leg Machines – (Part 1)
  2. Weight Machines 101 – Leg Machines – Complete Leg Exercises – (Part 2)
  3. Dumbbells 101 – Get a Leg up with these Dumbbell Exercises!

And now you are ready for Advanced Dumbbell Leg Exercises!

Dumbbell Split Squat

  1. You will need a bench, chair or platform to elevate one leg behind you.
  2. Keep your core tight and perform a controlled single leg squat to just about 90 degrees at the knee of your planted leg.


TOP TIP – When doing this for the first time, perform this exercise without any dumbbells in your hands in order to safely learn the exercise.

TOP TIP – Keep arms from swinging and moving during the exercise, particularly when you have dumbbells in your hands.

Side Lunge

  1. Step and lunge to the side in a controlled manner.
  2. Keep your shoulders square, straight forward and level, and return to standing position.


TOP TIP – When doing this for the first time, perform this exercise without any dumbbells in your hands in order to safely learn the exercise.

TOP TIP – You can alternate sides after each lunge, or do a full set on one side and then the other.

Dumbbell Snatch

  1. Get into a wide squat stance, keeping your shoulders square and upright, while holding a dumbbell in one hand with the dumbbell slightly off of the ground.
  2. In one motion, bring the dumbbell up and above your head and shoulders by straightening your arm and jumping slightly up from your squat stance.
  3. Land with the dumbbell above your shoulder, arm straight and back in your bent-knee squat stance.

TOP TIP – Practice this exercise first without a dumbbell in your hand.


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