Spot Train for Strength and Definition, NOT Fat Loss. Learn why!

abductor machine at LA fitness- cover

Weight Machines 101 – Leg Machines – Smaller Muscle Isolation – (Part 3)

Hip Flexors, Abductors and Adductors – These are very small muscles in your legs—compared to your quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves—and though the exercises and machines that are used to strengthen these smaller muscles are helpful for many people, some people seem to think that by specifically working these muscles they can reduce their body fat in these areas.

This is called SPOT TRAINING and it has been scientifically proven to NOT WORK!

You cannot decide, or work out a certain area/muscle group, to lose weight or fat in a specific part of your body. Thus, performing exercises that use more muscles, and/or larger muscles, can help you to lower your overall body fat; including the body fat in these areas of your body.

If your goal includes an overall leg program to isolate even the smaller muscles of your lower body, then try these Hip Flexor/Rotator, Abductor and Adductor machines for some additional strength and toning.


Abductors – Outside of your hips/glutes –

Adductors – Inside of your thighs –

Adjustable Hip Rotator Machine– Hip Flexion –

Adjustable Hip Rotator Machine – Hip Extension –


Keep an eye out for more of our 101 Series to learn more about dumbbells, barbells, cardio and pretty much any and every exercise that you can do in one of our state-of-the-art clubs!

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  1. Thank you for that information.It is true concentrating only on the small muscle areas will not yield the intended results.However, don’t you think that these machines are quite expensive? Please inform us about cost.

  2. This information was very helpful and I should have been concentrating on the small muscle groups earlier because now I’m going through physical therapy to strengthen my smaller muscles. I’m having serious knee problems.

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