Spring Clean Your Way to a Slimmer You! Find out How!

spring clean your tummy offHappy springtime! Spring is in the air…well, at the very least it is officially in our calendars. Though much of the United States and Canada are still thawing out from a harsh, cold and snowy winter, our days are growing longer and warmer. It’s giving everyone a bit more time each day to #MoveMoreBurnMore.

People already seem to be more active, and that means the yearly ritual of spring cleaning is upon us.

Did you know that spring cleaning can help you burn some big-time additional calories?

That’s right, you can jolt your weight loss efforts with an extra calorie-burning boost and beautify your abode at the same time.

We have put together a list of spring cleaning activities and calories you can burn while doing them. Check it out![i]

Activity Time Spent Calories
Dusting 60 minutes 199
Gardening 60 minutes 318
Home Repairs (light) 60 minutes 239
Mowing Lawn 60 minutes 477
Planting Trees 60 minutes 358
Cleaning Gutters 60 minutes 398
Weeding 60 minutes 358
Sweeping/Mopping 60 minutes 262
Cleaning/Sweeping Garage 60 minutes 318
Putting Away Winter Clothes 60 minutes 183

Surprised by how many calories you can burn spring cleaning? Don’t be, it follows the simple idea that we are trying to help everyone remember; when you move more, you burn more calories! #MoveMoreBurnMore

Just think, if you cleaned out your garage, worked on getting a tasty vegetable garden ready for summer and swept out the house, over a combined three hours, you could burn almost  900 calories.*

Okay, so spring cleaning isn’t the lone answer to losing weight and body fat. Yes, you still need to hit the gym, do cardio and lean out your calorie intake, but it is interesting to see how many MORE calories we can burn by being active. Spring cleaning is just a way to help make ourselves more beautiful, while making our homes more beautiful at the same time.

Get out, get going and #MoveMoreBurnMore today!

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[i] *Information obtained from http://www.webmd.com/diet/healthtool-fitness-calorie-counter, and is an estimate based on a person who weighs 175 pounds. Estimates should only be used as a tool to give you an idea of the intensity of different activities as they compare to each other. Each individual burns calories differently based on a number of different personal variables.

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