Check It Out! REAL STORIES Heads to Baltimore for an Incredible Weight Loss and Race Story!

Check It Out! REAL STORIES Heads to Baltimore for an Incredible Weight Loss and Race Story!

Before she began losing weight, the idea of running a 5K race never crossed Karrie’s mind any more than she thought about flying a rocket ship to the moon.  At 5‘4” and 237 pounds, endurance races were not a realistic thing to do.

But things can change…

After losing a significant amount of weight and adhering to a consistent workout schedule and a progressive program, Karrie is thinking about what it would be like to cross the finish line of 5k race…And one day maybe even run in a full-length marathon.

First things first though…

Her plan is to work her way up to a marathon, beginning with a 5K race, and she isn’t wasting any time.

Karrie has signed up for the CHECK IT OUT CHALLENGE 5K, and is running her first race on July 28th, 2013.

Is she ready?

Karrie is in excellent physical condition. Four weeks ago she adjusted her training program to focus on increasing her endurance specifically for running 3.1 miles (the distance of a 5K). Mentally, Karrie is still not completely confident in her abilities. Even though she has proven she can run the distance, Karrie still has her reservations about being able to complete the actual race.

“I am worried about running outside,” Karrie said. “I am not used to running outside (instead of on a treadmill) and it has been really hot and humid. Lately it has been about 94 degrees out.”

Being in an actual “race” can be quite intimidating, and many first-time racers experience the same reservations that Karrie has. It is common to be concerned with starting too fast, getting tired early, having to walk and a fear of simply not finishing. For Karrie, there is also the aspect that this lifestyle is relatively new to her, and accepting her new capabilities is still taking some getting used to.

That being said, LIVING HEALTHY has all the confidence in the world in Karrie’s ability to cross the finish line. We will be there from start to finish on Sunday, July 28th as Karrie begins her journey from 5K to Marathon.

If you are in the Baltimore area, come join us and Check It Out! Everyone is welcome whether you want to be a spectator or participant. For more information, go to the Check It Out site, Click to LEARN MORE.

Follow Karrie’s REAL STORY to find out how much weight she has lost, how she did it and if she crosses the line of her first 5K.

To learn how to effortlessly follow Karrie’s story CLICK HERE.

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  1. We are so thrilled that Karrie has chosen our race to run in. We look forward to cheering her across the finish line and urge you all to come and join in the fun.

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