I keep waking up to eat in the middle of the night, how can I stop this?


Please help! I am on a 1200 calorie diet and losing weight, but every night I wake up, get out of bed and go directly to the kitchen grab cookies or something sweet. I eat it and go right back to sleep. It is weird, and almost like I am sleep walking or have an overwhelming compulsion. Why do i do this? – Holly



Nutritionally, it is likely that your body’s telling you that it’s underfed and needs more energy.  Consider adding a healthy fat at dinnertime like avocado or nuts, so the meal stays with you longer and “sticks to your ribs.”  See my answer to a similar question: http://blog.lafitness.com/2013/04/16/is-it-really-bad-to-eat-right-before-you-go-to-sleep/#more-3412.

Behaviorally, you seem to be conditioned for this activity as part of your overnight routine.   Try an alternate activity when you rise (e.g. use restroom, write in journal).  If you can’t stop yourself from this “compulsion,” see if a therapist may be helpful in breaking the cycle. – Debbie J., MS, RD

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  1. Eating a little slow-digesting protein right before bed might also help. Think cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, scrambled eggs, etc. As an added bonus, the calcium in the cottage cheese & Greek yogurt will also help you sleep 🙂

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