What can I eat for lunch that is filling, but will also help me lose weight?


I am really stuck with good ideas for lunch that are satisfying, and that will help me lose weight.

Do you have suggestions that can I order out for or bring to work for lunch? Thanks – Karen 



To be satisfying— but without going overboard on your calories—a meal should have volume. This means that your meal needs healthy fat, protein and complex carbohydrates. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Sushi & edamame.
  2. A half-sandwich with soup or salad.
  3. Hummus, whole grain pita & crudités.

– Debbie J., MS, RD

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  1. Johanna M. Perez

    How about for breakfast, I’m not such a breakfast eater? Thanks, Johanna 🙂

  2. I have an addiction to soda and try as I might I can’t get rid of it. Any suggestions that might help me get rid of this really bad for me, and my waist line, addiction?

  3. Allen Zielnik

    As for lunch, although Debbie J., MS, RD’s recommendations are nutritionally sound, the high carb amounts in white rice sushi, bread in 1/2 sandwich (plus high sodium soup), or pita simply wouldn’t work for me for losing weight — I need to eliminate starches almost completely, but every body is different!. Instead, a lean fish filet like Tilapia or some chicken breast along with almost any satisfying almost unlimited quanitity of plain vegetables (steamed green beans, raw cherry tomatoes, etc. but go light on root veggies like carrots) fill me up and provide great nutrition with a low calorie density. Newman’s lite olive oil & balsamic makes a great dip.

    My “go to breakfast” –2 mintues to make even at 4am on my way out the door– is my 100/50/50 omelette — 100g sauteed mushrooms, 50g each fresh baby spinach and liquid egg whites come in at only 110 cal and is a hearty and satisfying meal.Olive oil spray & pepper only in a non-stick pan.

    For the “I love soda” post, what is it about soda that you like? The taste. the sweetness, or the fizz? No-calorie flavored waters are a great substitute. My favories are WalMart’s house brand, especially the White Grape and Pineapple-Coconut, only 68 centers/liter. I mix 50/50 with water to cut the fizz to my liking.

    Male, 50+-something, lost 30 lbs in 12 wks, on target for another 20 and never hungry. Not “dieting”, changed lifestyle.

  4. “Start with a healthy breakfast. Whether or not you typically eat breakfast, if you plan to lose weight by eating a large lunch and no dinner, eating a filling breakfast greatly increases your chance of success. Aim for a mix of lean protein, whole-grain carbohydrates and healthy fat.Choose your lunch carefully. Don’t make the mistake of believing that eating a large lunch is a license to eat a greasy, fat-filled unhealthy lunch. Remember, this meal must fuel your body until tomorrow’s breakfast.Eat plenty of vegetables at lunch; adding a soup or salad to your main dish is an easy way to do this. Have lean protein, such as chicken or fish, and whole-grain carbohydrates. One good lunch that will keep you full is to start the meal with bowl of vegetable soup; then eat a piece of grilled chicken, steamed broccoli and a serving of brown rice; and end the meal with a piece of fruit”.

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