I go to the gym regularly, so should I be drinking protein shakes? Are they harmful?


I have a question concerning my diet. I want to build my body (muscles) and lose weight. I go to the gym regularly, so should I be drinking protein shakes? Are they harmful? -Hany




My opinion on PROTEIN shakes (not meal replacements) is that they’re useful as a protein source when real food options are limited because you are on-the-go, at the gym or in the car. For example, if you’re running late as you head out the door in the morning, grab a protein shake and an apple. A shake with up to 30 grams of protein will suffice.  For weight loss, I think solid foods are more filling. Liquids clear the stomach quickly; so a shake may not satisfy you for very long. If your goal is to save calories then I’d recommend adjusting your meal portions or finding reduced fat options.  No harm will be done by consuming protein shakes, as long as the shakes exclude extraneous ingredients that would be harmful on their own. – Debbie J., MS, RD

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  1. Hi, thanks to post this. generally I drink a shake after come back from jugging.,,

  2. Protein shakes can be great, but watch out for the sugar content. If it has too much sugar, then it can really be closer to a shake or frappachino than a healthy drink.

  3. Interesting and important question. In case your kidneys work well protein shakes are not harmful. In my opinion you should not drink it just because you go to gym regularly, just eat healthy food with a lot of vegetables and fruit.

  4. What is the difference between protein shakes and protein shakes( meal supplements. That is what Ive been using in btw meals , where can you get the protein shakes and not the ones with meal supplement? Need your felp.
    Thank you ,

    • Debbie J., MS, RD

      Here’s the main difference: Protein Powder is little to no carbohydrate or fat content with around 100 Calories for 20-25gm protein, whereas Meal Supplement will also contain sugars, fat, vitamins/minerals with energy level at 200-300+ calories, not counting liquid.

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