If I stopped drinking regular soda and started drinking diet soda would it help me lose weight?

question-answer-color-v-2If I stopped drinking regular soda and started drinking diet soda would it help me lose weight? – Larry



The old theory was that if you substituted a can of regular soda daily with a diet/sugar-free one, you’d lose about 15 pounds a year based on how many fewer calories you would be consuming. The reality has been that even when you switch to diet/sugar-free soda, your appetite generally adjusts; this causes your caloric intake to compensate for the reduction in energy. So if you’re drinking 12 fluid ounces of regular soda or less a day, then switching to diet/sugar-free soda may not help. If your soda consumption is more like an XL value size or 2 liters daily, then I’d say a switch to diet soda and…a serious look at your dietary habits are in order. – Debbie J., MS, RD

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  1. Lou-Anne cronin

    Diet (ingredients) are not good for you. Think about cutting sugar from your diet, which is very difficult, so we do it by using an all natural sugar blocker – F21 – when we do ingest sugar. The overall results are amazing as the toxic effects of sugar is eliminated! It’s like a sugar free diet 🙂 so it is beneficial to Type 1 & 2 diabetics.

    • Debbie J., MS, RD

      True: added sugars have other negative impacts besides weight and should be avoided. Water, naturally sugar-free, is the best substitute vs. regular soda with a digestive inhibitor. It’s better to focus on improving dietary choices and lifestyle changes.

      • Lou-Anne cronin

        Yes it is – most difficult thing to do and that is why so many fail – they see it as a diet vs. an improvement of quality of life.

  2. Is eliminating bread best way to lose weight?

  3. Lou-Anne cronin

    Bread is processed and another item I eat in moderation. There is not one thing to eliminate for best way to lose weight. It is really an overall lifestyle change of healthier eating, processed food in moderation and quality supplements if you feel you are not getting the right nutrition from foods. Which we are technically not as our planting fields have been processed to death and our seeds treated before and during the growth process.

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