George Gervin ‘Finger Rolls’ in for the Grand Opening in San Antonio and the Next REAL STORY

George Iceman Gervin LA Fitness San Antonio Loop Grand OpeningThey say everything is bigger in Texas, and the magnitude of the LA Fitness San Antonio Loop grand opening celebration was no exception. The event was jam-packed with fitness enthusiasts and local businesses all celebrating the arrival of the new club. The event was highlighted with an appearance by San Antonio Spurs legend George “Iceman” Gervin who signed autographs and took pictures with excited fans.

In fact, Gervin stole the show at the ribbon cutting ceremony when he declared that the club wasn’t officially open until he inaugurated the basketball court by making one of his renowned ‘finger-rolls.’

“Now it’s open,” Gervin declared as he tucked the basketball under his arm after making his famous shot. Afterward, he was all smiles as he toured the club and reminisced with admiring fans, and he was quite impressed with how far the fitness industry has come over the years…as well as LA Fitness’ contribution.

“LA Fitness is really bringing to the country an awareness of how important it is to stay in shape,” said Gervin. “You know, you can look around and you can see they have everything here! You know what? LA Fitness is on the right path.”

Another exciting addition that arrived with the new club in San Antonio is our next REAL STORY featuring Mary Hudson. Mary signed up for a membership and personal training at the San Antonio Loop club before it had even opened. After a visit to her doctor, she found out that she had borderline high cholesterol, and that she was considered to be a pre-type 2 diabetic with an increased risk of coronary heart and peripheral arterial disease.

“This is not something you want to hear when you get your blood results,” said Mary. “I will turn 60 in April, and I want to look and feel fabulous for my birthday, as well as the rest of my life.”

Her doctor recommended that she lose weight, decrease her carbs and add weight-bearing exercise to her daily life…and that is exactly what Mary is doing.

“I’m committed and all in,” said Mary. “I hope my story helps inspire even just one person to take that step to health and fitness.”

Mary has made astonishing progress in just one month. FOLLOW her story to find out what she is doing to lose weight and LIVE HEALTHY.

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