Personal Trainer and Colts’ Cheerleader, Crystal, Helps Client Lose 91 Pounds

aaAfter shaving her head to support Indianapolis Colts’ head coach Chuck Pagano in his fight against leukemia, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Crystal is helping and inspiring people in even more ways. Crystal brings her positive energy and fitness expertise to work, and as a personal trainer at LA Fitness she helped her client Shannon change her life with fitness.

Shannon has lost 91 pounds so far! She still has 9 more pounds to lose in order to reach her objective of LOSING 100 POUNDS, and after she hits that goal, Shannon is jumping right into her next one. But for now, Shannon is focused on losing 9 more pounds; it is a task that has proved to be quite pesky lately.

“I am currently struggling not to plateau!  I lost 5 pounds last month, but no weight this month,” said Shannon. “I got really frustrated, but we (Crystal and I) came up with a plan. Our goal is to increase my intensity, increase my reps and limit my diet sodas.”

The frustration in her voice is overshadowed by the determination in her face…and in her actions. It is no doubt annoying to struggle with a measly 9 pounds after losing 10 times that amount already, but Shannon understands that each challenge she faces can be overcome.

This is why Shannon has opted to give up drinking diet sodas. She feels that the diet sodas are actually making her crave more foods, particularly sweet foods in the evening. So she weaned herself off of the soda; first by limiting herself to only 3 per day, then after a few weeks she gave them up altogether. And the result…

“So far, so good on giving them up,” said Shannon. “I have had occasional headaches, but I feel less hungry in the late evenings.”

Feeling less hungry in the evenings is sure to help Shannon avoid late night snacking. The sweet and sugary foods she was craving are often packed with calories, which can bring anyone’s weight loss efforts to a screeching halt.

Shannon seems to have a solid plan for accomplishing her goal, and the determination to boot. Can Shannon take her work out intensity to the next level? Will she be able to stay away from the soda and evening snacking for good? Follow Shannon as she continues working toward her goal to LOSE 100 POUNDS, and find out if her plan works!

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  1. Go Crystal!

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