13 Resolutions for 2013

Have a Healthy New Year from LA FitnessOh yes, that time is upon us where we swear to live by a new set of rules to better ourselves (again).  You don’t need to make a huge commitment to a drastically different way of eating. Here are small nutritional changes that can add up to a big improvement in your diet:

  1. Choose organic for greens, berries and stone fruitHalf of the “Dirty Dozen” list of produce carrying the most pesticides includes lettuce, spinach, strawberries, domestic blueberries, peaches and imported nectarines.
  2. Record what you eat if you’re trying to change weight or follow a planPeople tend to make better choices when they are paying more attention to what they are eating.  Having a food log makes you more accountable.
  3. Include a serving of fish three times a week.  To obtain a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids plan on 3 four-ounce servings of fish weekly.  A variety is best.
  4. Pack your own lunch from home more often than not.  Reducing your dependence on convenience food or restaurant fare while maintaining control over ingredients, preparation and serving size helps avoid excesses.
  5. Enjoy a little of the “good” stuff!  This one is easy to follow 🙂 — People who eat a little bit of a rich taste (e.g. pure cheese, chocolate, beef) tend to consume less than those who opt for a less concentrated flavor.
  6. Invest in a reusable water bottle and refill three times a day.  This equates to 6+ cups and assures you’re getting enough water in addition to other beverages.
  7. Skip the chips or bread at the restaurant table.  They just fill you up when you don’t need the extra calories.  Ask they be removed from the table to avoid temptation.
  8. Incorporate a serving of beans at least three times a week.  Beans are a fat-free source of good protein, complex carbohydrates and fiber.  Canned is fine (just rinse well).
  9. Keep an emergency stock of dried or canned fruit and frozen vegetables.  You can always rely on these backups when you’re out of fresh produce.  No excuses.
  10. Prepare multiple servings of cooked cereal at one time.  Assure yourself a healthy breakfast by shaving off some minutes in the morning.  Whole or steel-cut Irish Oats take time to prepare and leave a pot to clean, so batch cooking is a win-win!
  11. Have a stash of sensible snack food in your gym bag, office drawer or car.  Don’t starve!  Eating a sound snack when hungry makes for better decisions at mealtime.
  12. During each grocery shopping trip, select one type of item to read labels thoroughly.  The extra 5 minutes of education means you’ll know what brand is the healthiest to buy for that food.
  13. Brush teeth, chew gum or suck on a mint after your meal.  Cleaning your palate helps prevent snacking when you really don’t need more to eat. Everyone likes a fresh mouth!

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This article was contributed by Debbie M., MS, RD

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  1. Christopher Kurtz

    I became a vegetarain, the first week, of September, the first week of december, last year.

  2. great post . thx for providing such important information .

  3. I know eating out is a stated no, no, in these tips but for those of us that either don’t cook or are always on the go what convenience spots should we eat at. Is Chick-Fil-A really better then McDonalds or does all just depend on what you are eating.

    • WHAT you order from the menu is paramount, but you need a menu with healthy options first. Both have good choices like grilled chicken, salad, oatmeal and yogurt. McD’s has fruit+waltnuts but CFA has coleslaw and soup.

  4. The most difficult part to me is keeping a log. I do make it a point to cook lots of steel cut oats – it’s so easy in the morning to throw on some yogurt/fruit. I also love to make smoothies of different vegs (kale, eg) and peaches. Very tasty.

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