Photos and a Special Message from Nicole to All of You

Her story is one of determination and the power of the human spirit. She has not only been a source of inspiration as we followed her along her journey, but Nicole has also been a valuable source of information as she shared her struggles associated with having type 1 diabetes and hypothyroidism.  Her experiences educated us about diseases and how they can affect weight loss.  Under the direction of her doctor and with the help of Kelley Henry, her personal trainer, Nicole was able to accomplish her goal. She lost weight—a total of 28 pounds—in spite of some very challenging health issues that directly influence her weight.  She showed some of us that our situations are not as bad as we may have thought. For others, she proved that even when the cards seem stacked against us, we can still overcome adversity and reach our health and fitness goals.

Her experience with REAL STORIES and the opportunity to share her experiences of living with type 1 diabetes and hypothyroidism has meant a lot to Nicole, and so she wanted to make sure that she expressed the following to all of you:

“To the readers…Thanks for taking the time to listen. I really hope it has benefited, inspired, or at the very least, entertained some folks out there. This experience has taught me a lot and made me realize that I’m not the only one that deals with sickness and struggles (I read your comments!). Have a wonderful day :)”…Nicole

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  1. You look amazing. I workout every day and try to eat properly but lose no weight. What would you suggest and what has been most beneficial to you on your weight loss journey?

  2. I need a schedule of classes and could not find one online!!! Help

  3. Nicole, last year I was diagnosed with both diseases. First I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and 10 months later Hashimotos Disease. My weight gain was just the opposite; I was doing very well until I started taking Synthroid and then gained 20 pounds in 3 months time. I am researching how to beat these diseases and get my health back and you have inspired me to not give up on myself and to fight it. I would love to keep in touch, because it’s been a struggle for me. Having someone that understands could really help me go in the right direction. You can find me on Facebook at
    Best of luck!

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