Team Nicole STEPS OUT in Portland to Help Stop Diabetes

This wasn’t the first year that Nicole participated in the Step Out – Walk to Stop Diabetes event in Portland. Last year she was new to Portland and she walked the event alone; kind of alone anyway. Her best friend and dog, Peeta, accompanied her. Since then, Nicole has lost weight and reached her fitness goal in spite of having hypothyroidism and type 1 diabetes, and this year she had a team of friends join her for the charity walk.

“This year’s Step Out walk was a way different experience for me than last year,” said Nicole.  “Last year, I had just moved to Portland, so I had yet to make any friends. Peeta and I were the sole members of Team Nicole. So this year, not only did I have a team of friends and TONS of donations from friends and family that couldn’t attend, but we also had color-coordinated team t-shirts…it was pretty amazing. I was so happy.”

Nicole and her friends arrived at the reception area of the walk donning pink shirts that they had made the night before. To complement the pink theme, everyone on Team Nicole added a wide array of silly and festive pink accessories to their outfits; this light-hearted nature was fitting for Nicole’s personality. The event was fitting for Nicole, too. The STEP OUT event combines a cause that Nicole is passionate about with a physical activity that promotes healthy living; it was a great way for her friends to celebrate her commitment to a healthy lifestyle while supporting her struggle with type 1 diabetes.

“These walks are important to me. I did a diabetes walk the fall immediately after my diagnosis back in 2009, and now I want to stick to tradition and do a walk every year for the rest of my life,” said Nicole. “It’s a good way for me to spread awareness and knowledge about the disease to people who are unaware of the difference between type 1 and type 2, and even how much of a problem this disease really has become…I also like to know I’m not alone.”

There were three routes to choose from: a one mile, a three-mile and six-mile course that all began at the same starting point. As they fanned out among the three courses, the participants saturated the city of Portland with their message.

There were no times tracked; no awards given for those who crossed the finish line first. It was a win for diabetes and a group win for everyone who participated to raise money and awareness to help stop diabetes.

Although we are nearing Nicole’s final regular segment of REAL STORIES, her battle is a lifelong endeavor, and she has given so much to our community. Join us next time for a photo blog of Nicole’s journey and special message she that wants to leave with all of you.

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