Nicole’s Recent Health Scare

Things took a turn for the worse with Nicole’s health over the past several weeks, and her symptoms were alarming. If there is one thing that Nicole has learned from her past diagnosis of type 1 diabetes and hypothyroidism, it is that addressing a health concern immediately is always the best choice.

“I have been suffering from sleeplessness, and I also have the worst night sweats,” said Nicole. “I literally wake up soaked. My clothes are stuck to me, the sheets and blankets are damp, even the mattress is affected! Gross. Apparently I also run really hot at night. Like my body is on fire. But cold sweats happen often as well.”

Not only were her symptoms making her miserable, but she was concerned that they could be an indicator of much larger health problem. Following her visit to the doctor her concern elevated to a state of fear.

“I went to my family doctor and they took my blood and ran numerous tests; including a chest x-ray checking for cancer!” said Nicole. “I was SO FREAKED OUT!”

A couple of days later she received the test results…

“My A1C was a bit higher than last time,” said Nicole. “Also, they said my thyroid test was a little off, but that I shouldn’t alter any medications yet and that I should get tested again in a few weeks.”

The good news was that the tests ruled-out cancer, but weeks later Nicole was still suffering from sleeplessness and night sweats. She was becoming increasingly frustrated, and the fear of a major health issue was still on her mind. She decided to be adamant about the concerns she had regarding her health when she went to see her specialist for her routine diabetes and endocrine appointment.

“I told my doctor about my issues with sleeping and night sweats and she said many things could cause that. I obviously was already aware of this from the copious amount of tests performed on me a few weeks prior,” said Nicole. “So more blood and urine tests were taken at this doctor, and the next day she told me that my thyroid had switched from hypo to hyper (due to her medication). She told me to cease my thyroid medication for about a week, and that she would call my neighborhood pharmacy for a new, lower medication.”

Due to her weight loss, Nicole’s medicine dosage for her hypothyroidism was reduced to a strength that she had not been on since high school. The same dose that she took when she was first diagnosed. Nicole was still confused about how this could be? She still had questions; so she did what all those public service announcements you see on television have been telling us to do…she asked her doctor.

“I emailed her (Nicole’s doctor) questioning how it is possible to have a complete 180 in my diagnosis,” said Nicole. “She responded that because of my lower body weight, less medication was needed to control my disease.”

The experience had Nicole shaken up, but she had found the source of her waning health, sleeplessness and night sweats.

In the end, she saw it as a learning experience…an experience so important in fact that she was resolute about sharing her experience with you.

“I think people need to understand that even such a mundane procedure at the doctor’s office, like stepping on the scale, can really affect your entire body,” said Nicole. “Even if weight itself isn’t the problem it’s just something to remember.”

Remember that major changes in your body, even good changes like losing necessary weight, can have unexpected side-effects. Communicate with your doctor as often and as much as needed when you feel something is wrong with your health. After all, nobody knows your body better than you do.

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  1. Nicole, Glad everything worked out for you. I was recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and am at a big risk for developing Type 2 diabetes b/c of my family history so I’ve been following your story. Nice job asking the docs about your situation! Sometimes they don’t realize how alarming these symptoms can be for us b/c they may seem like routine health concerns to them.

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