Wave Goodbye to Arm Flab with 3 Surprising Exercises

Two of the “3 Surprising Exercises” don’t even require you to use your arms in order to help you burn the annoying extra layer of fat off of them. Surprised? If you are, this is likely due to a common misconception that you can train, or workout, a certain area of your body in order to reduce body fat from that particular part of your body. For example, many people believe that if you do arm exercises, then the fat on your arms is burned as you gain and develop the muscles by working out—this simply is not true.

As discussed in a previous TOP TIPS article titled “Want Abs? Got Abs,” Your body utilizes body fat from wherever it chooses. By doing exercises that burn a ton of calories—even exercises that don’t involve your arms—you can reduce your overall body fat; this includes the fat on your arms.

So try adding one or more of these three calorie burning cardio exercises to help you get the tight and toned arms you have always wanted.

3.  Running – Whether you go outside to enjoy some fresh air and nature, or opt for the convenience of a treadmill, running is a great way to burn calories. One hour of running can have your body burning 590 calories at just 5 miles per hour[i]. The faster you run, the more calories you will burn.

2.  Cycling – If you have the need for speed and want to cover more ground, then cycling is the thing to do. At a pace of 10 mph for one hour you can burn 590 calories[ii].

1.  Swimming – Swimming could be your number one option because strokes like the freestyle are also a great way to sculpt your arms.  Go swimming to turn your body into a calorie burning machine while tightening and toning your triceps at the same time! FYI – Doing a slow steady pace of freestyle swimming can burn 510 calories in one hour[iii].

This doesn’t mean you should stop your arm defining routine. A solid weekly regimen of arm sculpting exercises will make your arms look more defined, and give you arms of steel as you shed the fat. Keep up the hard work and continue Living Healthy!

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[i]  Number of calories burned is based on a 154-pound man who is 5’ 10”. People who weigh more will use more calories, and those who weigh less will use fewer calories. See http://www.choosemyplate.gov/food-groups/physicalactivity_calories_used_table.html for more details.

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  1. Melba Von Eye

    I have lost a lot a weight and I am just trying to “fill in” my bat wings haha. I use the two machines that are for that muscle. I know that you can never “lose” the loose skin, but maybe I can fill it in with some muscle a little bit!

  2. wow i like whats you say

  3. Very well explained, to put into practice now. blessings

  4. I run on treadmill and out doors but my arms just won’t go down they r not flabby! But r so big and I don’t lift any weights, they r my biggest problem.

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