70 lbs. Lost and Counting – Real Stories Heads to Hockeytown

After an amazing RUN in Seattle, Real Stories is going to Detroit, Michigan to follow Lori Stratford, and her life changing goal of losing a total of 170 pounds. Lori lost an impressive 70 pounds so far, leaving her with 100 pounds more in order to reach her goal.

In the last segment of Real Stories, Katie and Justin had a goal to do something they never thought was possible—run in a half marathon. It was important to them that they ran the entire time—not stopping to take a break or slow to a walk—and cross the finish line. They accomplished their goal and so much more during their journey.

Lori approaches her weight loss goal of losing 170 pounds the same way. Her goal is quite literally a marathon of weight loss; it takes patience, determination and a steady pace over a long period of time. She is not putting a specific timeline on reaching her final weight loss goal; instead she is focusing on the process.

She is in it for the long haul, and so Real Stories is too. We are following Lori during her entire journey as she works to lose the final 100 pounds. Look for updates and be sure to lend your words of support, and stories of your own in the comments section.

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Katie’s and Justin’s perpetual smiles and positive energy are sure to keep brightening-up even the rainiest Seattle days as we head to Michigan. Real Stories will catch up with them down the road to give you updates about their progress; until then enjoy their final segment’s photoblog below.

Even smile muscles can get over trained, due to constant smiling this is the best Justin and Katie can do when trying to make an angry face 🙂

Can you guess what they are looking at…we may never know…

Tough training and commitment led to a many accomplished fitness goals.

Jimmy embarks on his quest to be a Yogi.

Again trying to pretend they are mad…it just isn’t working

Katie and Justin stick to what they are best at…smiling and being happy.

Nerves are settling in as race time nears.

Luxury restroom accommodations at the race, with service like that no wonder the line was so long.

This couple decided to wear matching outfits…Even their hats match!

A winning smile!

Foil blankets and free drinks are just some of the many post race perks.

It’s time to begin their next goal…

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  1. Michelle Mattingly

    Congratulations Lori, I wish you the very best, I too am on a quest to lose 100 pounds, I’m down 24 and counting. My LA Fitness membership is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

  2. Heather Lawrence

    Hi guys! I’m in the process of loosing as well since January I’ve lost 50 lbs and I’m still going. My goal is a total of 110 lbs so 60 more to go. Like you I don’t have a set date of when I would like to lose but I have been running and I’m doing my first 8k in September. Along with running I weight train as well because I’ve always liked how my body looks when I’ve lifted in the past. It’s a journey for sure but I’m so driven and full of motivation I’m willing to give it my all. To tell you the truth I’m not super strict with my diet either I try to not eat the obvious fatty foods but other than that it’s whatever. I’m a mom of three and I’m determined to be an example of a healthy lifestyle. It’s great to connect with others that are as passionate about getting into shape as I am!! Good Luck

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