Get your Group Fitness On! Lose Weight, Tone up and Have Fun

When you walk into a group fitness class the energy is effervescent; people of all ages and fitness levels are there with a common purpose—to sweat and have fun while working hard to get fit. It is the same energy that you feel at an event like a 5K race or a half marathon.  It makes you want to work that much harder and it inspires you to want to get in the best shape of your life. It takes the “work” out of working out and makes it fun!

“It motivates you,” said LA Fitness member Nikki Hess. “You know the other (people) may not want to work out, but they are here (at the class) and that encourages you.”

Though everyone in the class is doing the same thing, you are in control of your intensity level. It‘s okay to slow down and take a break when you need to, and it is important to remember this simple fact—when you go to a group fitness class you are moving more and burning calories, which is the key to losing weight and reducing body fat.

“I work out three times-a-week, and these classes have really helped me to tighten up and be proud of my body,” said Nikki. “I don’t even think twice (now) about how I look in a swimsuit because LA Fitness’ classes have helped me to maintain my body the way I like it.”

Group fitness classes are led by certified instructors who do more than just motivate you. The instructors direct you during your work out so you don’t have to guess what you should be doing to get in shape. If you are new to the gym, stuck in a plateau, or unfamiliar with working out, then going to group fitness classes are a great option.

LA Fitness member Becky Sullivan found that the classes offered her a way to be more comfortable working out. Going to group workouts and adjusting her diet helped her tone her entire body and lose the last 10 pounds that she gained during her pregnancy.

“I’ve never been very good at knowing what to do with all of the equipment out on the floor, which is why classes are great,” said Becky.  “The instructors work every muscle group each week giving you a much more diverse workout than if you just showed up and lifted a few weights for an hour.”

Some of you may avoid trying group fitness classes because you find them intimidating. Don’t worry, you’re not alone; many people feel the same way when it comes to stepping into a class for the first time. Here is the solution.

  • Step one – Walk through the door and into the group fitness room.
  • Step two – Burn calories, sweat and have a blast!

“I was intimidated at first,” said Becky. “You have to realize there is a variety of people there of every (fitness) level. I was not sure what the class was and how hard it would push me; it only takes going once to find out.”

The only prerequisite is…the ability to have a good time!

“Zumba intimidates me; I lack coordination (laughs),” said Nikki. “Dancing is not something I’m good at, but I see people in that class who don’t follow every step and they still look like they are having fun!”

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  1. I love group fitness at my LA Fitness in Denton, Texas! I take Aquafit, Mat Pilates, and Body Works plus Abs, and I love them all! I’m not in shape (yet), but I am improving after 6 weeks of going to the gym, and everyone is really supportive. Give it a try!

  2. Yes and I get that intimidation esp with the little groups……I take Cycle, Body Works and now Step which Step was so scary for me.

  3. I never thought I would be able to keep up with a group fitness class. Since I started taking Zumba at La Fitness in the Philadelphia Pa area ,I’ve gained more confidence in myself. I have so much fun and the majority of my instructors are amazing so I can pretty much take any of the classes and I know I will have a blast as I have been watching the lbs melt off me!

  4. So many of the Lifestyle members love Les Mills classes. We love the workout and the knowledge that we’ll get the same quality program from any gym offering those classes. As a member coming into LA Fitness, what can I expect? What are your classes like? How do they compare?

  5. Agnes Winkler

    Our zumba instructor tonight, Kristenlly good. She’s the best ever. She reminded me of my former instructor at lifestyle. I hope they’ll give her an afternoon slot t either southport or greenwood during the week. Likè 430 or 530. That would be nice

  6. Hi group fitness i s always fun…the group fitness motivate you for better health & more stamina.
    Thanks for sharing the importance of group fitness.

  7. I started doing group fitness about 4 months ago and have lost 21 lbs and LOVE IT! I take the aqua fit, Zumba (Mya South loop – Chicago) and Body Work (Glenda-South Loop Chicago) All of my instructors are wonderful! However, I would like to take a group fitness class in the AM before going to work, they’re none available. How can we get some group fitness classes in the early mornings (locations: 87th & Dan Ryan, Morgan Park or South Loop)?

    Also I take a Ballet Bodies class (Kristen – instructor) at another gym and love that as well, can L.A. Fitness start to offer Ballet Bodies classes?

  8. I’m a brand new LA Fitness member (3 days and counting!). I really needed this little pep talk to get me motivated to step into that first class. As if all the machines aren’t intimidating enough LOL!! Have my eye on an evening yoga class. I have a long road ahead of me to get in shape. Every bit of encouragment helps 🙂

  9. today i checked the schedule Les Mills classes-gone! Hope that we’ll get the same quality program from any gym offering those other classes. As a member coming into LA Fitness, what can I expect? What are your classes like? How do they compare?

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