Catching up with Clay – The Ski Report

Clay carved up Lake Tahoe! His hard work and conditioning had him physically prepared for his ski trip, and everything went smoothly — not a bump or bruise to report.

His biggest concern before they left actually had nothing to do with his knee at all, but he did have some concerns about the ski conditions in Tahoe. It was an extremely light season for snow this year so Clay didn’t expect much in terms snowfall during his trip, which meant a minimal base of snow and no powder runs.

But as luck would have it Clay and friends timed it just right, they got to enjoy the best snowfall of the season…and they had a blast!

You know Clay, once he accomplishes something it is only the beginning of what he has in mind. And every accomplishment deserves a celebration.

So how did Clay and Sharon decide to celebrate this successful ski trip?

With another fantastic vacation of course; off they went to Mexico to relax and take in some sun. Okay, so they didn’t go to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate a ski trip. But they did go to celebrate…their 40th wedding anniversary! Congratulations Clay and Sharon!

After a brief stop back in San Diego, Clay was off to Augusta, Georgia for golf trip. With two good knees and right physical conditioning there is no stopping him at 65 years-of-age. Maybe he will slow down at 85 years-old…HA! Yeah right!

Brandon, Clay’s personal trainer, feels great about the role he played in getting Clay back into peak condition. Together, Brandon and Clay continue to maintain Clay’s conditioning whether he is at home in San Diego or traveling abroad.

And so Clay’s journey continues…

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  1. Clay,
    I thought I recognized the lake in the photo, I have one taken in about that same location.
    Your story has me wanting to get back in skiing again. I rode up a chairlift with an undertaker at Squaw Valley years ago, he told me he had just retired at age 65, and had taken up skiing for the fist time.

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