The Weight Loss Team – Sandy and Anna

In addition to guiding Sandy’s fitness training throughout her weight loss journey, Anna contributes something more for Sandy. “She (Anna) always has smile,” said Sandy. “She wants me to exceed my expectations…I feel so fortunate that I get to train with her for the next year. She is perfect for what I needed, and I am so happy that the manager thought to put me with her!”

Sandy has a second home now at LA Fitness… and we are truly honored that she has chosen us to be part of her life and weight loss journey. “Everyone here at this club is so nice,” said Sandy. “I come in excited about being here.”

The end of her eight week goal is nearing; so far Sandy has lost five pounds of the thirteen that she was shooting to lose over the course of two months. Her bout with the flu, a trip to Las Vegas and an inconvenient plateau slowed down her weight loss, but it didn’t dampen her spirit. She is as determined as ever, and she should be. After all she has continued to lose weight even if it is not as much as she had originally hoped, and let’s not forget that her total weight loss to date is an impressive 32 pounds. Now she is simply regrouping and resetting her timeline to continue her goal, examining her workouts with Anna…and smiling the entire time.

“There are some days that I am totally exhausted,” said Sandy. “I am afraid that if I miss two or three days in a row that I will lose my momentum. When my alarm goes off at 4:30 in the morning it is a personal decision to get up and start moving…moving is always a better choice.”

The path to fitness is an adventure for Sandy; there are twists and turns with speedy slopes that can lead to plateaus. She chooses to enjoy the journey and learn from the unknown obstacles that pop-up along the way. The obstacles, frustrations and uncertainties are something that you all encounter as you try to lose weight, and it is important remember that your success is a choice.

“This whole process of being healthy is all about the choices I make,” said Sandy. “I always feel better when I make a healthy one.”

Sandy’s approach to weight loss is a consummate example of what it takes to accomplish your goal. When things are uncertain she keeps searching until she finds an answer, when she knows she can’t do it by herself she seeks the help of others and when things don’t go exactly as planned Sandy doesn’t give up. She focuses on the things that she has done right and replicates her process; she knows that if she keeps going that good things will happen…Life is what you make of it and Sandy makes the most of it!

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  1. Mark Weinberger

    ..nice story…

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