Lose More Weight and Climb to New Heights

It takes prioritizing your time and a commitment to overcome a mountain in order to lose weight sometimes. Jenn has done both because she has made her hopes a priority. Her weight is continuing to drop as Jenn sets her hopes high and proves to herself each day that she can climb the highest mountains—an expression she took quite literally when she conquered the physical challenge of hiking Camelback Mountain.

Hiking Camelback is a beautiful and scenic adventure that is quite demanding on the human body. Jenn has wanted to hike Camelback Mountain for some time now, and she decided to wait no longer. Steep stair cases, rock scrambling and climbing is all part of an experience that gets your heart pumping as you trek to the top of Phoenix’s highest natural elevation.

“Going to Camelback Mountain involves cardio and a full body workout; it’s three hours of working out,” said Armando.

Armando’s standard of working out is so rigorous that it would make some drill sergeants envious. So if Armando is comparing the hike to three hours of his standard of working out, then it is no wonder that Jenn has hesitated to take on Camelback Mountain until now. “I was really unsure because I heard how hard it was,” said Jenn about being able to hike Camelback Mountain. “I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.”

Between her weight loss and a vigorous training program, which is loaded with interval progressions, Jenn was confident that her body was ready to take on Camelback Mountain. So she recruited a group of friends and off they went. The hike proved as challenging as rumored, but in the end she conquered Camelback Mountain and marveled at the beauty its summit has to offer.

“It was probably the hardest thing I have ever done in my life,” said Jenn. “But once I got to the top, it was SO worth it.  Every minute of complaining and wanting to turn around was a hundred percent worth the view of Scottsdale.  It literally took my breath away! There were so many people that we met on the hike up too — it was nice to have strangers encouraging you to finish and then seeing them at the top giving you high-fives…it was pretty awesome!”

Jenn has truly climbed to new heights as she has lost weight, and her accomplishments are outstanding!

Here is a summary of her weight loss numbers to date — Jenn started at 193 pounds and her current weight is 151 pounds. When you met Jenn she had already lost 30 pounds and weighed 163 pounds; she had a short-term goal of losing an additional 13 pounds over the course of eight weeks. So far Jenn has lost 12 pounds and is easily on the way to meeting her short-term goal, which puts her that much closer to her final goal of weighing 125 lbs.

Okay, that may have been a bit confusing and read like a story problem from AP algebra, so let’s chart it out.

Jenn’s Progress and Goal Chart:

Original starting weight = 193 lbs.

-Weight before beginning short-term goal = 163 lbs.

Short-term goal = to lose 13 lbs. in 8 weeks (so she would then weigh 150 lbs.)

Progress to date for short-term goal = loss of 12 lbs.

-Current weight = 151 lbs.

1 pound to lose to accomplish her short-term goal!

Long-Term Goal Weight = 125 lbs. (26 lbs. to lose to get to final goal weight)

Total Weight lost to date = 42 lbs.

With only one pound left until Jenn meets her eight week goal it she is well on her way to success! Join us next time for a special video segment featuring Jenn and her journey by signing up for the Living Healthy RSS feed!

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  1. Wow…! Eventhough Jenn already lose 42lbs, she is still planning to lose more..
    I really like her determination.. I hope I could be as determined as her.. xD
    Keep up the good work and youlll make it soon.. 🙂

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