Losing Weight with a Hectic Schedule…Jenn’s Secret to Success

Midnight shifts, overtime, day trips, vacations, workouts…tasks add up fast, but they don’t seem to ever ease up. Managing your time and stress is essential if you want to reach your weight loss goal. It hasn’t been easy for Jenn, but it has gotten easier for her as her journey to lose weight progresses. Her journey has been a learning process; she is now more efficient with her time, and she is excited that she has more energy from eating healthier and consistently working out.

So what are some secrets to her weight loss success in spite of a hectic schedule?

“I would tell people to prepare their meals a day before they start to go to work,” said Jenn. “It’s easy to throw stuff in a container and take it to work after that….that’s what I try to do.  I would also say to pick recipes that you won’t get tired of and you can change up a little bit — also (recipes) that you can make in big proportions so it can last you for a couple of days.”

As a nurse, Jenn knows all too well how intrusive a career can be on your time. Working 12-hour graveyard shifts profoundly impacts her schedule. Lately, she is working a significant amount of overtime. Adding extra workdays, with some shifts as long as 16 hours, is affecting her free-time more than ever. So making healthy eating choices has to be a conscious effort for Jenn on a daily basis.

“I bring vegetables and chicken breast, some almonds (to work),” said Jenn. “It is very rare that I get to just sit down and eat–I have to eat in phases. Usually I am really busy, and as soon as I sit down someone always ends up needing something. It can be challenging, but we learn to deal with it.”

Bumps in the road pop up constantly when you are trying to lose weight, and finding a way to overcome them is an ongoing challenge. Everything is going smoothly, and then some unexpected turn of event takes place that throws a wrench into your entire plan. One such unexpected turn of events came up suddenly when Armando, Jenn’s personal trainer, learned that he had to leave for a few weeks because his family needed him in Cuba. This left Jenn and Armando with little time to come up with a game plan during his absence of almost three weeks.

Before he left for Cuba, Armando and Jenn sat down to have a talk. Armando made sure to give Jenn will just have to do push-ups on her own while Armando is away...Jenn a pep-talk in order to reassure her that she has the all the necessary tools to keep driving toward her final weight loss goal, but Armando wanted some reassurance for himself as well. He wanted to hear from Jenn that she was going stay the course while he was away.

“I remember him telling me that I have no excuses while he is gone,” said Jenn. “I have to train just as hard, for just as long (as they train when they are together), and I have done everything in my ability to keep the promise to him.”

Armando has not just led her in the right direction to help her lose weight, but he holds Jenn accountable making sure that during her most difficult days she still goes to the gym to work out. When she is exhausted and not wanting to exercise, Armando is relentless about making certain that he finds a way to get Jenn into the club to train and do her cardio. With Armando in Cuba, Jenn must hold herself accountable, and trust that she has learned enough from Armando to continue on her own.

“With him being gone, it has definitely been hard to be motivated,” said Jenn in regards to Armando being on a lengthy trip to Cuba. “Since I have been training with him, I have an idea of what he likes doing and what he expects me to do on my own.  I have rotated arms, legs, back, and abs so I know what to focus on.”

Jenn has learned how to work out correctly and effectively over the past several months. Armando’s approach to personal training is to teach Jenn what she needs to do, not just to tell her and send her on her way until their next session.  Armando views the people he trains as students who want and need to learn how to meet their fitness goals.

“He has taught me the ins and outs (of working out) and different exercises to keep things interesting so I won’t get bored with working out,” said Jenn. “He knows that I can get frustrated when I am bored and he doesn’t want me giving up.”

“I teach my clients to train themselves,” said Armando. “Every week it’s different, hard cardio with intervals…a different type of cardio each time. I don’t want her body to adapt to the exercises.”

Jenn is getting close to her eight week goal of losing 13 pounds. Come back next time to find out if Jenn was successful in spite of her trainer’s extended absence. Also, Jenn decides to try to accomplish something she has always wanted to do as she takes on the physically challenging Camelback Mountain.

Can Jenn keep climbing to the top by herself, or will three weeks prove to be too long for her to be without Armando’s direct supervision sending Jenn on a slippery slope backward in her weight loss? Join us next time to find out! Remember, the easiest way to get updates is by clicking the orange RSS icon to sign up for RSS feeds of our latest posts!

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  1. If getting to the gym was difficult or interfered with my work schedule, I knew I’d never go, so I joined a gym close to work. I could pop in before work, during my lunch break, or after I got off. The sight of other exercisers motivated me to get my butt in gear.

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